About Me


Born and raised in Flint, MI, I am a May 2011 graduate of the University of Michigan-Flint with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve had a fascination with computers and decided during my sophomore year of high school to major in a field related to computers.

I worked for 2 years as a Help Desk Technician for the University of Michigan-Flint ITS department. Through my work for the university I worked with technologies such as Banner, Blackboard, Active Directory and many others. I have also worked as a freelance technical writer for several web sites, writing on topics ranging from gadgets such as the iPhone and Android phones to hardware repair. I also have worked as a freelance technical support specialist. I consider myself to be a well-rounded IT person, as I have dabbled in programming, web design, security, networking and software, as well as hardware.

I currently work as a Web Account Manager for a domain and hosting firm out of Florida and enjoy the work I do. Previously, I worked as a Lead Web Development Project Manager for Buzz Internet Marketing Group, a web design and marketing firm based out of Toronto, ON. I have been working as a Project Manager for over 8 years. I previously worked as a Technical Production SEO Manager for SimpleTiger LLC for 3 years.

In addition to having a passion for IT, Web Development and SEO, I also enjoy golf, photography, music and writing, among other hobbies. I’m an avid video gamer with a love for Halo, Mario and the classic consoles. I recently took up the bass and am still very much a hack of a player. In September 2013, I completed my first 5K race and hope to participate in more in the future.

Me having some fun on the set of “The Avengers” in Cleveland.

About This Website

I created this website primarily to showcase what I have done and what I am working on in IT. It is my hope that potential employers/clients will learn a little bit more about me and what I have to offer. Samples can be found on the Samples page of past reports I’ve created in SEO as well as writing samples.

As far as the technical stuff is concerned, this website was built by me. After giving the design much thought and considering the various platforms I’ve worked with in the past, I decided to use the WordPress platform. I wanted to build a site that had a professional look while also being extremely easy to update. The site has gone through multiple iterations since I launched it in 2009/2010; the new design was implemented in February 2020. I currently own 30+ other websites and am developing those.