Below you will find some of the projects that I have worked on either professionally or educationally. Please note that this page is still in progress and some information may be missing.

Systems Analysis Class Project (Pre-Capstone) – Electronic Medical Records

About this project: My group chose to study Electronic Medical Records from a systems analysis standpoint. For our study, we diagrammed every aspect of EMRs, did research on the history as well as present and future of EMR systems, and wrote a detailed report to accompany our diagrams for the final project submission.

Systems Design Class Project (Capstone) – AutoKitchen RFID System

Screenshot of AutoKitchen Application









About this application: AutoKitchen was built using the C# programming language. I aided in the design of the application and was responsible for a lot of the programming as well. The application made use of a local database and RFID hardware to create a system to automatically keep track of the food items in a kitchen and then suggest recipes based upon these ingredients.