I’m venturing into iOS app development

….which of course means I now need to purchase a Mac Intel-based computer. Believe me, it’s a day I never thought would come as I have always preferred the Windows OS to Mac. However, it’s easy to see that apps, such as those built for iOS, are a huge part of technology’s future. And as an IT person, it’s important to be flexible and adjust to new technology as it comes out. I might not be the biggest Mac fan, but even I can see the benefits of really learning the platform and possibly developing apps myself.

For those who aren’t familiar with iOS app development, there are two big requirements for getting into it. The first is owning a Mac Intel-based computer. This could be a cheaper Mac model such as the Mac Mini (retailing for $599 new) or a more expensive one such as the MacBook Pro (at least $999 new).

The second requirement is purchasing the iOS Developer Kit. That’s $99 and will enable you to build and test apps on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Once you create an app and decide it is ready to be shared with the public, you can submit it to Apple for approval. Only when they approve the app is it available for download in the App Store.

In my case, I do not have a ton of programming experience beyond classes I took in college as well as projects I’ve undertaken over the years. However, I am armed with some solid resources and a lot of motivation. I have a few app ideas that I hope to implement in the near future in whatever free time I have. Once I start the development process, I will be sure to post regular updates here as to how things are going.

The goal is to purchase a MacBook Pro refurb and a developer’s kit by the end of 2011. The MacBook I get will be replacing my 4+ year old laptop and will be set to run both Mac OSX and Windows 7. And hopefully by mid-2012, I will have my first iOS application in the App Store.


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